who we are

About Us

We are a group of students and professionals who have worked together to build an organization imploring youth to work with the community to help strengthen the refugee and immigrant population through unity and integration.

Founded in December 2015, we embarked on a journey to re-establish the way nonprofits work, and to strengthen the communities they are involved with. We believe that modern day obstacles and problems need modern day solutions, thus the creation of The Refugee Centre and its sister NPO DevBloc.


  1. To provide a sustainable structure of integration for refugees and immigrants in Canada.
  2. Offering support for students and their families as well as the Montreal community as a whole.
  3. Supporting the community and particularly students through various mediums, not limited to any one particular sector of aid.


  1. Provide resources for displaced refugees to access, a place of habitation, access to education, and the right of immigration according to Canadian Law.
  2. Develop policy both domestically and nationally regarding refugees and related issues.
  3. Work hand in hand with local and international organizations to promote and enhance the lives of incoming refugees in Canada.
  4. Create and enhance the economic situation of refugees in Canada by promoting economic integration through grants and refugee run initiatives.
  5. Raise funds and receive contributions where appropriate to finance the work of the Centre.
  6. Publicize and promote the work of the Centre.
  7. Assist refugees with banking and insurance procedures.
  8. Create housing alternatives and initiatives to aid in housing the refugee/immigrant population. Organize meetings, training courses and events.
  9. Work with similar groups and exchange information.
  10. Assist refugees with banking and insurance procedures.
  11. Create different support outlets that economically and socially aid the student population in Montreal at large.
  12. Build business development programs or centres to help strengthen the student population as well as the community including, and not limited to, business accelerators and incubators.
  13. Take any action that is lawful, which would help it to fulfill its aims.
  14. Recognize the unique mental health challenges of the refugee population and prioritize  mental health in all the Centre’s services and activities.

What We Hope to Achieve


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Our Team

Abdulla Daoud
Executive Director

With an academic background in mathematics, statistics, political science and cybersecurity, Abdulla Daoud leads The Refugee Centre in its various roles to help strengthen the refugee and immigrant population in Canada. Abdulla Daoud oversees the staff and the Centre’s programs to maintain its efficiency and success. Coming from a refugee and migrant upbringing himself and several years of experience in social and political advocacy for the community, he will ensure that The Refugee Centre’s operations and goals are met.

Anissa J.Khan
Community Health Coordinator

Anissa combines a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from Concordia University with a Nursing degree to focus on the health needs of the community. This paired with her corporate human resources experience in the IT world makes Anissa a perfect fit for the role of Mental Health Coordinator.

Kinan Swaid
Director of Operations

A current Mechanical Engineering student with a passionate, long history in helping the refugee community in Montreal, and a strong background in aiding the refugee population through education and job training, Kinan helps maintain TRC's foundation in preparing the immigrant and refugee population in Canada for the current workplace. He works with both TRC and DevBloc to build and create a stronger refugee and immigrant workforce.

Jude Ibrahim
Wellness & Art Therapy Coordinator

Jude holds a master's degree in Art Therapy from Concordia University. She is driven to work with newcomers and refugees, and is dedicated to integrating wellness services and art therapy programs to support the accessibility of mental health care.

Natasha Guerriero
Communications Director

Natasha graduated from McGill University and is involved in multiple initiatives and organizations that help to serve the Montreal community. She uses her creativity to maintain a transparent means of communication with our clients and those who support our work. She also coordinates and organizes TRC's language classes.

Lauren Paquay
Outreach Coordinator

Lauren is a graduate of Political Science and Immigration studies at Concordia University. She has worked with many organizations in both a global and local context that support refugees and asylum seekers. Her experiences and schooling have given her a unique perspective on the importance of creating a safe passage for all.

Alina Murad
Advocacy & Media Relations Coordinator

Alina is a Political Science and Immigration studies graduate from Concordia University. She has been active in the community through organizing and carrying out refugee sponsorship, and is beyond excited to be a part of TRC!

Legal Department
Me Pierre-Luc Bouchard
Head of Legal Aid Clinic

Me Pierre-Luc Bouchard is a proud member of the Québec Bar Association. He has vast experience with refugees and immigration matters. He works with our team to provide the important legal information needed to develop our applications more accurately. Pierre-Luc also offers legal advice and training on business matters, and training on starting a business here in Montreal.

Me Darwin Jackson
Refugee & Immigration Lawyer

Currently a Master of Law student at the University of Sherbrooke in their Transnational and Common Law program, Me. Jackson has a background in international law. He has a particular interest in the legal, socio-cultural and political-economic conditions of Black people, immigrants and other social minorities both internationally and domestically.

David Cerenzia
Legal Researcher

David Cerenzia is the holder of a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Edinburgh, and an Honours History degree specializing in Political Science from the University of Guelph. He has worked with refugees and people experiencing homelessness in Canada, social entrepreneurs and innovators in the United Kingdom, and human rights leaders in Norway. At TRC, David employs his passion for research on a variety of projects, from climate-induced migration to the strategic use of immigration as an economic stimulus.

Philip Boivin
Communications Intern

Phil is a McGill student studying Psychology and Marketing. He loves being outdoors, taking photos, and painting. He is thrilled to play a role in TRC’s projects and looks forward to contributing further!

Jane Chau
Web & Graphic Design Intern

Jane is a Montreal-based graphic designer that loves to help others create visual and eye-catching solutions. She assists TRC with both their graphic and web design needs.

Reem Hssayki
Orientation Intern

Reem is currently in her final year at Concordia University specializing in Community Development. She has always been passionate about finding ways to create sustainable change and start conversations in society.