Transitional Housing

The Housing Security Fund is a project seeded by the Refugee Centre that seeks to innovate a sustainable model of transitional housing for newcomers. 


We are setting out to acquire housing units for newcomers through a regenerative model of community financing. The vision is to provide temporary housing accommodations where individuals can begin eliminating the barriers they experience when accessing rental housing. We provide the wrap-around support necessary to gain greater reliance on employment income, build a credit history, and acquire the necessary resources to qualify for rental housing. 

The objective is to address the root causes of homelessness and alleviate pressure on emergency shelters, social assistance programs, while providing an affordable solution for community organizations to have a more meaningful impact with their clientele. 


Please consider donating to support the Housing Security fund project. Upon receiving your donation, we can provide you with a charitable receipt for your donation. All proceeds go towards subsidizing the rents of the individuals who are housed in our accommodations, along with any costs for furniture, linens, and food products. Any amount helps. 

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