Join us today in making a difference. Together, let's pay it forward to newcomers in our community.

What is The Refugee Centre?

The Refugee Centre is a non-profit organization that was established in 2015 and has been dedicated to facilitating the settlement and integration of newcomers into the broader Montreal community ever since. Our organization is grounded in a holistic and sustainable approach to support, offering a variety of services encompassing economic, educational, wellness, legal, and social integration. We aim to re-establish the way nonprofits work and strengthen the communities they are involved with.

What is the Pay It Forward Fund?

A fundamental component of The Refugee Centre’s mandate is to adaptively respond to the evolving needs of our community. Recently, we have noticed a dangerous gap in newcomers’ access to basic needs. To respond to this pressing issue, we have introduced the Pay it Forward Fund. The Pay it Forward Fund is a community-driven initiative with a meaningful impact. This fund provides us with the flexibility to meet urgent basic needs, such as food, hygiene products, prescriptions, rent money, school supplies, and so much more. By addressing the immediate needs of individuals and families, we support them to overcome challenging circumstances and move towards a more stable and sustainable future.

What is it used for?

The Pay It Forward Fund is used exclusively to address the urgent needs of the newcomer community here in Montreal. During the asylum seeking process, there are a number of gaps in access to rights and services that make everyday life difficult for newcomers. Upon arrival to Canada, due to different bureaucratic and financial obstacles, refugees often cannot access or afford their basic needs. As a result, these individuals are often forced to turn to food banks, they struggle to meet rent payments as well as afford public transit and medication if needed, among other things. This all potentially leads to malnutrition, evictions, illnesses and other situations that only increase their vulnerability in the long run.

How much of the money goes towards clients?

100% of every single donation to the Pay It Forward Fund goes directly to meeting the essential needs of newcomers in Montreal. We are deeply committed to supporting refugees, and your contribution is channeled exclusively towards providing them with basic necessities. We carefully allocate these funds to procure culturally sensitive food supplies, critical hygiene items, weather-appropriate attire as well as help individuals afford their medication and rent when needed. 

You can also donate to our other funds.

Work & Study Permits

Help newcomers afford the documentation they need to study and work in Canada.

Your contribution will cover the governmental application fees related to work or study permits for refugees, asylum seekers and other newcomers. The general cost of these applications is $225. For a further breakdown of the costs, please click here.

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Wellness Programs

Help us to continue fostering social connection and providing wellness support to newcomers.

As part of our new Wellness Sector, we host seasonal wellness activities such as cooking workshops, art therapy sessions, game nights and more. These activities combat social isolation and provide an opportunity to discuss self care and other wellness tips.

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