Immigrants, refugees, and undocumented refugees are in constant need of counsel to overcome their legal hurdles. This type of help is not readily available and requires a high level of discretion that we will offer to all individuals. 

This initiative is currently lead by Me Pierre-Luc Bouchard a proud member of the Quebec Bar association. He has a vast experience with refugees and immigration matters. 



The Refugee Centre believes in legal education and preparedness, we embody this belief by aiding visitors to educate themselves on all the legal matters they should be aware of as new residents and as prospective ones.

Legal Clinic is available by appoint only as to ensure everyone can be served. To book as appointment please email


To book an appointment, please fill the form below.



The Refugee Centre will be offering unique legal services to immigrants, refugees, and undocumented refugees in Montreal. We will be looking for legal interns and legal aid interns on a regular basis to ensure the Centre is running efficiently. This will be a great opportunity for students who plan to attend Law School in the future. 

In addition to our legal services, we will be offering academic aid and counselling for students. This includes personal and classroom tutors, admissions counselling, English & French lessons, and academic counselling. We will be looking for a number of interns to fill the roles necessary to provide such services.