We are a Canadian non-profit that provides a sustainable structure of integration for refugees and immigrants in Canada.


Our services

Legal aid

We offer legal advice. For more information and to book an appointment, click here.


We offer French, English, and IELTS preparation classes. We also hold English and French conversation circles. For details and registration, click here.

Employment Resource Centre

We can help you in your job search, CV writing, and understand the job market in Montreal. For more information, click here.

Academic aid

Here at the Refugee Centre we want to recognize individuals for their hard work, and assist in their time of need. We're offering several scholarships and grants for students and prospective students to realize their academic goals.  For more information, click here.


We also have a social innovation catalyst that can help you start up your own business and offer coding workshops. Get started now.

Get involved

You can involved in different ways. You can be one of our board members, a volunteer, or just a member of the Refugee Centre. For more information and to apply, click here.

Upcoming dates

April 25 - Start of “Intro to Javascript” workshop

May 13 - Start of French classes

May 27 - Start of IELTS classes

May 28 - Start of English classes

April 15 - Registration for English, French and IELTS opens

April 21 - Start of Employability training program

April 22 - Start of “Intro to Web Development” workshop

April 23 - Start of “Intro to Python” workshop

But it’s not just about receiving them tonight. It’s about the hard work we’re all going to do in the coming weeks, months and indeed years to ensure that everyone who passes through here tonight and in the weeks and months to come are able to build a life for themselves, for their family and also contribute fully to the continued growth of this extraordinary country.
— Justin Trudeau - Prime Minister of Canada