Employability Training Program

The Employability Training Program is a 5-week course of one 3-hour session a week. Here are the themes discussed:

Week 1: Action Plan: Understand the Montreal job market, establish your strengths and weaknesses, identify individual goals.

Week 2: Job Search: understand job search platforms, create a CV, understand the basis of an interview

Week 3: Working in Canada: Canadian workplace culture, basic workers’s rights, interaction in the workplace

Week 4: understand Microsoft Word and Excel

Week 5: Finalize CV, job interview skills and take a professional photo

Extra free time available for participants during the week.

Sessions will be on Saturdays from 11:00-14:00. Registration will begin February 25 and close on March 8. Workshops will begin March 9 and end April 6.

Employment Resource Centre (ERC)

One of our goals, is to get newcomers to become completely independent and self-sufficient. Therefore we believe in matching interested business owners with qualified Newcomers, as well as training and helping them in understanding the rules and regulations of the Canadian job market. 

For businesses interested in proposing job positions please contact us on info@therefugeecentre.org, titled "ERC Job position"

We'll be posting job positions for interested newcomers here.



The Refugee Centre will be looking for dedicated students to work within our community networks. This serves to create a job database for refugees and immigrants to apply to, as well as to help them through the application process. This will be done through one-on-one consultations and will require constant follow-ups. This will provide students the useful experience to pursue careers in human resources and social work in the future, while creating a strong network in the community.


In partnership with



E-Vision is a new social enterprise project that will cater to the needs of Syrian refugees in Montreal while working to reduce and eliminate electronic waste in the city. The project will partner with Syrian refugees in Montreal and offer part-time employment to empower them to work as collection agents for electronic waste. Collections will be 2-4
times per month and will include schools, businesses, and residences. The E-Waste will then be delivered to professional E-Waste recycling companies that safely ensure the toxic chemicals (lead, mercury etc.) will not accumulate in landfills and cause health hazards to people living in proximity. This innovative project will impact Syrians refugees by offering employment and transferable soft skills while working to educate Montreal on sustainability and reducing the amount of toxins that are polluting landfills.

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