We are a group of students and alumni who have worked to create an organization, which implores the student population to work together with the community to help strengthen the refugee & immigrant population through unity and integration. 



  1. To provide a sustainable structure of integration for refugees and immigrants in Canada.

  2. Offering support for students and their families as well as the Montreal community as a whole.

  3. Supporting the community and particularly students through various mediums, not limited to any one particular sector of aid.



  1. Provide resources for displaced refugees to access, a place of habitation, access to education, and the right of immigration according to Canadian Law.

  2. Develop policy both domestically and nationally regarding refugees and related issues.

  3. Work hand in hand with local and international organizations to promote and enhance the lives of incoming refugees in Canada.

  4. Create and enhance the economic situation of refugees in Canada by promoting economic integration through grants and refugee run initiatives.

  5. Raise funds and receive contributions where appropriate to finance the work of the Centre.

  6. Publicize and promote the work of the Centre.

  7. Assist refugees with banking and insurance procedures.

  8. Create housing alternatives and initiatives to aid in housing the refugee/immigrant population. Organize meetings, training courses and events.

  9. Work with similar groups and exchange information.

  10. Create different support outlets that economically and socially aid the student population in Montreal at large.

  11. Build business development programs or centres to help strengthen the student population as well as the community including, and not limited to, business accelerators and incubators.

  12. Take any action that is lawful, which would help it to fulfill its aims.

What We hope to Achieve

  • Create jobs for students, refugees, and immigrants.

  • Provide a wide variety of services for all incoming and existing refugees in Montreal, with high contribution from our student population.

  • Empower socially/economically the refugee and immigrant population.

  • Create legal resources and job banks for refugees and immigrants to use whenever needed.

  • Create and build educational resources for refugees and immigrants.

  • Create affordable housing for students.

  • Lobby and build relations with both the Provincial and Federal government to further aid the existing and incoming refugee population, as well as the large number of undocumented refugees in Canada.

Current Board Members

  • Kinan Swaid

  • Rami Yahia

  • Tina Ali

  • Badr Rousi

  • Deema Emad 

Current Staff, Teachers & Active Volunteers

Abdulla Daoud, Executive Director

  • Email: adaoud@therefugeecentre.org

Anissa J. Khan, Operations Coordinator

  • Email: operations@therefugeecentre.org

Me Pierre-Luc Bouchard, Lawyer

  • Email: p.bouchard@therefugeecentre.org

Natasha Guerriero, Communications Coordinator

  • Email: communications@therefugeecentre.org

Shayan M., English Teacher

Mohammed F., French Teacher

Amr M., Developer

Our Annual Report can be downloaded below:


The opt-out period for Fall 2019 is from Tuesday, September 17th to Monday, September 30th. Please bring with you your student ID card and student account record (with the number of credits per course). We will proceed to opt-out requests by appointment only. Please email us your total number of credits, and student ID number at info@therefugeecentre.org to set up a pick-up time from our office.


The Canadian Refugee Initiative (The Refugee Centre) is a registered Non-profit with the Province of Quebec.


Our constitution can be found by clicking the button below