In order to opt-out for the winter semester, please bring with you your student ID card and student account record (with the number of credits per course). The OPT-OUT period will be from January 23rd (excluding January 25th) to February 3rd at 2020 Mackay Street room 206 from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. If you need a wheelchair accessible location please visit us at our other location at 1610 St Catherine Street West unit 402. Lastly if you cannot make it to our offices during those times please email us at info@therefugeecentre.org to set up a time, date and place(On Campus) where we can provide you with what is needed.




Above is a pie graph representing the projected distribution of the funds. We hope to allocate the majority of the funds back to the student population in internships and salaries. As the main purpose of this organization is to empower refugees through empowering our student population to do so.

Financial Statements

Our Financial Statements will be posted at the end of our fiscal year after September 2017 (our external financial review began on the 15th of October) as this is our first year of operations. Results will be posted as soon as the review process concludes. 


The Canadian Refugee Initiative (The Refugee Centre) is a registered Non-profit with the Province of Quebec.


Our constitution can be found by clicking the button below