BlocHacks 2018 on November 17-18


#BLOCHACKS is the second edition of an annual hackathon in the city of Montreal that is focused on hacking social causes. We are strong believers that technology can help fix and improve the majority of disasters and social problems the world is currently facing today. We see an ever increasing gap between the non-profit (as well as non-governmental) world and emerging technology. Supported by the Social Innovation Catalyst known as DevBloc we believe we can help motivate and inspire the Montreal community to build, create, structure, design, and innovate solutions to global issues.


We are teaming up with UNHCR Canada, the City of Montreal and the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to put all our attendees to the test to solve some of their most prominent problems that they are facing on the field. This hackathon will be assessing the ideas, design, concept, and innovation of the solutions put forward by its participants.


The event will take place on 1450 Guy, on the 9th floor of the MB building, on the Concordia campus.


Register here. And for more details, visit the BlocHacks website


We will also need some volunteers so help us during the event! Here are some positions available:
Mentors: Support and help participants when they have questions. For this position, please let us know what programming languages and platforms you are proficient in and would be comfortable assisting in.
General event staff: setting up, coordinating kiosks and cleaning.

Please email for more details and to register.