A large number of refugees and immigrants come to Canada with hopes of starting their own business. However, business practices and regulations in North America differ from the rest of the world. Therefore, business development guidance is needed to realize the ideas and operations of the refugees and immigrants in Montreal. 
The Refugee Centre will be opening a business consulting wing to facilitate the development of these projects. We will be offering our interns from local business schools the opportunity to gain first-hand experience in consulting, thus concurrently aiding the refugee and immigrant population, and the student population as a whole. This would create opportunity for business and, arts and sciences students who wish to apply their skills. Both students and refugees can benefit through this collaboration. 



The Refugee Centre’s sister organization DevBloc is a social innovation catalyst that could help you start your own business.
The proposed mission of the social innovation catalyst is to stimulate the establishment and growth of technology-based start-up companies and other compatible businesses in relation to social enterprise and community building.
By fulfilling this mission, the incubator would contribute to job creation, enhance equality of life, and attempt to merge the tech world with the non-profit sector. For more information, consult DevBloc’s website.


DevBloc is offering three coding workshops starting April 22nd: intro to web development, intro to Python and intro to Javascript. For more details and for registration, consult this webpage.




Helping students and migrants build their dreams...

The Refugee Centre along with The DevBloc Innovation Centre is giving the opportunity for all to apply to the Startup  Advocacy Fund. This fund is focused to aid entrepreneurs and event/project planners kick start their initiatives, which are geared towards aiding refugees, immigrants and asylum seekers. 

To apply please fill out the application below and submit it to